Amsterdam, 15-17 June 2001

Much of the program for the Amsterdam conference has been completed, and we look forward an excellent range of panels and papers. There will be ten panels and two working groups, already about one hundred papers abstracts have been submitted to session’s chairs. We are happy to see a wide rage of papers from different cities of the world with a good representation of young researchers. Given the large number of participants, authors will have a maximum of 15 minutes to present papers. These shall available for participants at the begining of the conference. Papers shall be sent to session´s chair by the 1st of April, 2001.

The sessions organised and published in the previous Newsletter included.

Poverty in Cities and Social Policies,
chairs: Enzo Mingione (
and Leon Deben (

Urban Inequalities and Social Segregation,
chairs: Sako Musterd (
and Hartmut Hauessermann (

Urban Movements, chair Chris Pickvance (

New Forms of Urban Governance and Citizenship,
chairs Patrick Le Gales (
and Marisol Garcia (

Urban Tourism and Urban Regimes,
chair Susan Fainstein (
and Jacques van de Ven (

Urban Labour Markets,
chairs Marc Levine (
and Rik van Berkel (

Planning Values and the Built Environment,
chairs Hugo Priemus (
and Anne Haila (

Urban Defensible Spaces./Coping With Danger,
chair Sophie Body-Gendrot (

Two new sessions have been organised:

- Impact of New Technologies on City Life
(chair: Keith Hampton,
- Inequalities, Environmental Issues and Sustainable Cities
(chairs: Mark Gottdiener, and Vivi Niemenmaa,

This session offers the last call for papers since it was organised with less available time.
Please contact the session´s chairs before the 1st of February

Two working groups have also been organised:

- Immigrant Entrepeneurship in Multicultural Cities (chair: Jan Rath)
- Regional and Metropolitan Governance Reforms in Europe and USA (chair: Alan Harding)

For further information contact:

Marisol Garcia (
Leon Deben (
Carina Muliee (