Annual RC21 Conference 2011

The struggle to belong. Dealing with diversity in 21st century urban settings
Amsterdam (The Netherlands), July 7-9 2011

Amsterdam Institute for Social Science Research – Urban Studies
University of Amsterdam – The Netherlands

5. Governance and diversity in cities  

Organizers: Marisol García Marc Pradel                        

5.1 Globalizing forces and local governance of social inclusion.

Chair: Marisol Garcia. Discussant: Enzo Mingione.

Sophie Body-Gendrot (Cesdip/CNRS and University of Paris-Sorbonne)
Globalization and Urban Insecurity. Comparative perspectives

Miriam Schad (Institute for Advanced Study in the Humanities (KWI), Essen)
Political inclusion and exclusion in a disadvantaged neighbourhood

Molefe Coper Joseph (University of Johannesburg)
Beyond modernist planning: Understanding urban street vending in Botswana

5.2 Politics and policies of diversity.

Chair: Marc Pradel. Discussant: Frank Moulaert.
Naaz Rashid (London School of Economics and Political Science)
Recognising diversity in diversity: the importance of place in delivering national policy initiatives on empowering Muslim women in the UK

Linda Szabó (Central European University, Budapest)
Governmental Policies on Chinese Migrants Urban Incorporation in Budapest
Hector Rocha Isaias (Architecture and Urbanism, Fortaleza - UFC)
The special zones of social interest and the possibility of inclusive urban regulations on Fortaleza Metropolitan Region

Ghazala Aziz  (Aligarh Muslim University, India)
Migration and Changing Character of Cities in India - A Case Study of Selected Cities in North India

Matthias Fleischer (Friedrich-­Alexander-­Universität Erlangen-­Nürnberg)
‘My food doesn’t grow upon your policies’ and alternative perspective in the urban agricultural policies under South African conditions of local governance

RT5.1 Public Space: governing diversity.

Chair: Marisol Garcia. Discussant: Marc Martí Costa.

Evelyne Baillergeau (CREMIS/University of Montreal)
Between public order and public health. The formal and informal management of ‘nuisance’ involving marginalised groups in the urban public space

Penny Koutrolikou & Dimitra Siatitsa (National Technical University of Athens / University of Thessaly, Greece)
The construction of a “public” discourse for Athens centre: media, migrants and inner-city regeneration

Miriam Meissner (University of Amsterdam)
"The Right to the Goutte d’Or: Techniques of a Contemporary Urban Conflict and Limits to the Right to the City Ideal"

Katerina Mojanchevska (Programme Coordinator at Performing Arts Center Multimedia, Skopje, Macedonia)
Challenges to Democratic Representation in the Public Space of Societies in Transition:
case study of the city of Skopje   


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