Annual RC21 Conference 2011

The struggle to belong. Dealing with diversity in 21st century urban settings
Amsterdam (The Netherlands), July 7-9 2011

Amsterdam Institute for Social Science Research – Urban Studies
University of Amsterdam – The Netherlands

20. Housing Markets, Urban Transformations

Organizers: Richard Ronald, Manuel Aalbers

20.1 Housing Market Transformations.

Chair: Richard Ronald. Discussant: Ray Forrest.                       

Kim McKee (University of St Andrews, Scotland)           
Challenging the Norm?  The ‘Ethopolitics’ of Low Cost Home Ownership in Scotland

Justin Kadi (Vienna University of Technology)
Neoliberal Dutch housing policies? Analyzing market-oriented regulatory reforms in Amsterdam’s housing market

Suzanne Lanyi Charles (University of Michigan)           
Suburban gentrification: the spatial and temporal pattern of residential redevelopment in the inner-ring suburbs of Chicago, USA

Singumbe Muyeba (University of Cape Town)           
The Effects of Property Rights on Household Economic, Social and Cultural Capital among Poor beneficiaries of Low-Cost Housing in Cape Town, South Africa

20.2: Housing Markets - Boom and Bust.

Chair: Manuel Aalbers. Discussant: Raquel Rolnik.

Nabil Kamel (Arizona State University)           
Reserve Urban Spaces:  The Political Economy of the Housing Foreclosure Crisis in the United States

Hyun B. Shin (a) & Ernesto López-Morales (b) (a: London School of Economics, b: Universidad de Chile)
Urban neoliberalism in the Antipodes? Towards a comparative case-study analysis on state, market agents, and property-led urban redevelopment in South Korea and Chile

Tudorel Pitulac (The Romanian Academy, Iasi Branch)
"Urban habitation, social interaction and the consequences they have on the Romanian real estate market "

Yiping Fang, John Logan, Anirban Pal (Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies, Rotterdam)
Residential location of local and migrant households across concentric zones in 2006 Beijing

RT20.1 Globalization, Finance and Housing.

Chair: Manuel Aalbers.                       

Richard Waldron (University College Dublin)           
“The Debt of the Irish” – Insights from the ‘Boom and Bust’ in the Greater Dublin Area’s Residential Property Market”

Estefanía Calo García (Universidad de Coruña, Galicia)
The Municipal General Management Plan as an urban policy. Relation between global and local urban planning

Nathan Marom (Israel Institute of Technology)
‘Affordable housing’ and the globalizing city: The case of Tel Aviv

Kenneth Cardenas (University of Manchester)           
Globalization, housing markets, and the transformation of a South city: the case of 21st-century Manila

RT20.2: Urban Housing Markets and High Speed Growth Economies.

Chair: Richard Ronald.                       

Leilah Vevaina (The New School for Social Research)
In Real Estate We Trust: Risk and Religious Endowments in Mumbai

Liza Weinstein (Northeastern University, Boston)           
Risk, Reward, and Real Estate: Developer Networks, FDI, and Urban Land Markets in Globalizing Mumbai

Jin Xue (Aalborg University, Denmark)           
Non-growth transition in the housing sector: Necessity, visions and challenges - A comparative study of Copenhagen and Hangzhou

Marek Pieniazek (Central Statistical Office of Poland)           
"The housing market of the Warsaw Metropolitan Area as a region of growth. Study based on statistical microaggregates"

Distributed papers                       

Kyoumars Habibi & Abolfazl Meshkini                       
The housing market instability and its impact on urban physical growth

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