Resourceful cities
Berlin (Germany), 29-31 August 2013
Humboldt-University Berlin, Institute for Social Science, Dept. for Urban and Regional Sociology

11. Contentious cities

Organizer: Walter Nicholls (a), Justus Uitermark (b) (a: University of Amsterdam, b: Erasmus University Rotterdam)

Session 11.1 Contention and Control in Cities

Justus Uitermark (Erasmus University Rotterdam)
Political Innovations in Cities – Mapping evolving geographies of contention and control

Seth Schindler (Humboldt University)
Disciplining the Informal Service Sector in Delhi, India

Lynn Staeheli (a), Don Mitchell (b), Kafui Attoh (c) (a: Durham University, b, c: Syracuse University)
Whose City? Contentious and Non-Contentious Spaces in Colorado’s Front Range

Azat Z Gundogan (University of Michigan-Flint)
A Contentious City on the Outskirts of Istanbul: Contention, Resistance and Peripheral Urbanization in Gebze

Session 11.2 Urbanization and Contention

Eleonora Pasotti (University of California)
Conflict and development in aspiring global cities

Hade Turkmen (Cardiff University)
Impact of Spatial Factors in the Development of Collective Action in Urban Struggle: The Case of Istanbul

Martine Drozdz (Université de Lyon)
Mapping regeneration’s grievances: the multiple geographies of planning protests in contemporary London

Session 11.3 Contentious Spaces

Mischa Dekker, Jan Willem Duyvendak (University of Amsterdam)
Occupying City-Centres: A Material Understanding of Players and Arenas

Anna Zhelnina (National Research University - Higher School of Economics, St. Petersburg)
‘Angry urbanites’: urban space and mobilization in Russian cities after parliamentary and presidential elections 2011-2012

Pushpanjali Jha (University of Delhi)
Sites and spaces of Contention and Global cities with reference to New Delhi’s Jantar Mantar as a Site of Protest

Joanna Phua (City University of New York)
We Came to our Senses: Theorizing Urban Revolts in Southeast Asia

RT 11.1

Kacper Poblocki (University of Poznan)
The right to the in-between-city? Struggles in Poland's hybrid spaces

Evin Deniz (Autonomous University of Madrid)
A struggle against displacement as a politicization process of its dwellers at the case of Dikmen Valley

Judith M. Lehner (HafenCity Universität Hamburg)
The Inner Void. Urban Brownfield Transformation and Popular Contention

Thorben Wieditz (York University, Toronto)
“Don't Let The Condos Eat My Job!” - From the production of cookies to the production of space: Toronto's Official Plan review and the struggle to retain employment land

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