Resourceful cities
Berlin (Germany), 29-31 August 2013
Humboldt-University Berlin, Institute for Social Science, Dept. for Urban and Regional Sociology

12. Innovative qualitative methods in urban research

Organizer: Peter Dirksmeier (a), Jason Patch (b), John Joe Schlichtman (c) (a: Humboldt-University, b: Roger Williams University, c: DePaul University)

Session 12.2 Innovative qualitative methods in urban research II

Christina Blumentrath (Norwegian University of Life Sciences)
(Un-)Attractiveness of roads from a laymen perspective – results of a crowd-sourced photo collection in Norway

Arthur Parkinson (University College Dublin)
Urbanity, Exclusionary Discourses and Built Heritage Policy in Ireland

Lawrence Bird (University of Manitoba)
Beyond the Desert of the Real

Martha Radice, Brenden Harvey, Shannon Turner (Dalhousie University, Halifax)
Pop-up ethnography at the Situated Cinema: Confronting art with social science at the Winnipeg Festival of Moving Image

Ben Pohl, Bernd Kniess (HafenCity University Hamburg)
Working Worlds – Exploring Wilhelmsburg. A performative videographic approach

RT 12.1 Innovative qualitative methods in urban research

Peta Wolifson (University of New South Wales)
Exploring discourses of nightlife in the ‘creative city’ through walking interviews and ‘go-alongs’: A case study of Surry Hills, Australia

Weijie Wang (University of Southern California)
What determines the inclusion of civic organizations in governance? -The case of neighborhood governance in China

Inga Hornei (Bielefeld University)
The habitus and the city: Visualising spatial relations of class and culture in youth development

Alexandra Gomes (University College London)
‘Sensewalks’ and ‘Sensetalks’ as urban research methods

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