Resourceful cities
Berlin (Germany), 29-31 August 2013
Humboldt-University Berlin, Institute for Social Science, Dept. for Urban and Regional Sociology

19. Suburbs and boundaries: the continued push for peripheral expansion

Organizer: Roger Keil (a), Alan Mabin (b) (a: The City Institute at York University, b: University of the Witwatersrand)

Session 19.1 Making more general understandings of global suburbanisms

Chair: Alan Mabin

Allan Cochrane (a), Bob Colenutt (b), Martin Field (c) (a: The Open University, b, c: University of Northampton)
Living on the edge: rethinking suburbia in the London city-region

Sofia Pagliarin (Bicocca University of Milan)
Paths of suburban development in the metropolitan regions of Milan and Barcelona. Re-drawing the metropolitan boundaries of the European Southern compact city

Lindsay Sawyer (Singapore-ETH Centre)
Peripheral Expansion in Lagos, Nigeria

Session 19.2 Urban extensions and new boundary situations

Chair: Willem Salet

Nadia Casabella (a), Martin Dumont (b) (a: ULB Faculty of Architecture, b: ETH Zurich Mas Urban Design)
“Hoog-Kortrijk: unveiling the Belgian rurbanity and its hybrid landscapes”

Deniz Altay Baykan (Bilkent University)
Blurring Boundaries between City and Countryside: Example of Çayyolu and Beytepe villages in Ankara

Tingting Lu (University College London)
The development of suburban residential enclaves in China: the case study of Wenzhou

Matthew Richmond (King's College London)
Resident perceptions of elite encroachment and Olympics-led urbanisation in a Jacarepaguá favela

Session 19.3 In-between” and “postsuburban” forms

Chair: Alex Schafran           

Ute Lehrer (York University)
Obstacles or boundaries of growth? The case of Markham and Barrie in the Greater Toronto region.

Michael Lukas (Universidad de Chile)
In-between citizens: post-suburban megaprojects and its discontents in Santiago, Chile

Susanne Frank (Universität Dortmund)
Inner-city suburbanism: Middle-class family enclaves are sprawling in the cities

Rob Shields (University of Alberta)
A Crisis of Boundaries

Rahel Nüssli (Departement Architektur ETH)
Towards Post-political In-between Cities? Urban Governance Arrangements in the Zurich Metropolitan Region

RT 19.1 Exploding the traditional south-north divide in suburban research

Chair: Roger Keil

Alex Schafran (Sciences Po)
The dueling inversions of the American metropolis

Boris Sieverts, Tom Sieverts
Edges as capital for the development of periurban areas

Willem Salet (University of Amsterdam)
Institutional Dilemmas of Urban Resetting: Politics, Functions and Symbols

Irina Grcheva (University American College Skopje)
The New Boundaries of Skopje: Urban Invasion vs. Rural Serenity

Christopher Leo (University of Winnipeg)
Tribulations of A North American Zwischenstadt


Delik Hudalah, Dimitra Viantari, Koesoemo Roekmi, Nicholas Phelps (School of Architecture, Planning, and Policy Development, Institut Teknologi Bandung)
Globalisation, suburban politics, and the changing structure of Greater Jakarta

Paula Freire Santoro (São Paulo’s Public Ministery)
Flexible urbanization permits to feed the urban growth machine in São Paulo’s cities, Brazil

C. Jaja Nwanegbo (a), Odigbo Jude (b) (a: Anambra State University, b: University of Ibadan)
City Intergration and Rural-Urban Migration in Anambra State of Nigeria: The Mega City Option

Kathrin Golda-Pongratz (Barcelona)
Landscapes of pressure, landscapes of standstill The (sub)urban edges of Spain's metropolises after the boom del ladrillo

Mohammad Hosseinpour (Shiraz University)
The Impact of physical urban forms on social integration of Shiraz suburbs

Gloria Pessina (Politecnico di Milano)
From the gates of the royal city to the dam of the megacity

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