1. The Dynamics of Urban Poverty in Developing Countries
Organiser: Ranvinder Singh Sandhu, Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar, India.
Email: ranvinder@yahoo.com

2. Urban Development and Social Inequality in Latin America (DESARROLLO URBANO Y DESIGUALDAD SOCIAL EN AMÉRICA LATINA)
Organisers: Fernando Diaz Orueta and Maria Luisa Loures Seoane, Departamento de Sociología II, Universidad de Alicante, Spain.
Email: Fernando.diaz@ua.es; mlloures@yahoo.es

1. Comparative Urban Development: Are Cities Converging?
Organiser: Hank Savitch, University of Louisville, Louisville, USA.
Email: hvsavi01@louisville.edu

2. Narrating Globalisation: The Urban Consequences of Globalisation
Organiser: Takashi Machimura, Hitotsubashi University, Tokyo, Japan.
Email: PDC01117@nifty.ne.jp

1. Cities and Social Polarisation
Organiser: Scott Baum, The University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia.
Email: s.baum@uq.edu.au

2. Cities, Consumerism, and Consumption
Organiser: Patrick Mullins, The University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia.
Email: p.mullins@uq.edu.au

1. Sustainable Urban and Regional Development.
Organiser: Dai-Yeun Jeong, Cheju National University, Cheju, South Korea.
Email: jeongdy@cheju.cheju.ac.kr

2. Urban Societies and Mobility
Organiser: Patrick Le Gales, CEVIPOF (Sciences-Po/CNRS) ,Maison des Sciences de l'Homme, Paris, France.
Email: legales@msh-paris.fr

1. Land Use, Segregation, and Urban Policy
Organisers: Hartmut Haeussermann, Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany (hartmut.haeussermann@sowi.hu-berlin.de) and Anne Haila, University of Helsinki, Finland, (haila@valt.helsinki.fi)

2. Informalization: The Legacy of the 20th Century.
Organiser: Endre Sik, Hungarian Central Statistical Office, Budapest, Hungary
Email: sik@tarki.hu

1. Cities, Representation and Memory
Organiser: John Walton, University of California, Davis.
Email: jtwalton@ucdavis.edu

2. Cities and Citizenship: changing definitions and practices
Organiser: Marisol García, University of Barcelona, Spain.
Email: soledadg@riscd2.eco.ub.es

1. Scale, Space and the Rethinking of Area Studies
Organiser: Neil Smith, City University of New York, USA
Email: NSmith@gc.cuny.edu

2. Comparative Urban Leadership and Governance
Organiser: Alan Harding, University of Salford, UK
Email: a.p.harding@salford.ac.uk (organised in association with Olivier Borraz and Peter John)

Focus Session (invited speakers only)
Rising challenges for the next millennium: Globalisation, migration, work and urbanisation.
RC02 (Economy and Society), RC21 (Regional and Urban Development), RC30 (Sociology of Work) and RC31 (Sociology of Migration).

Joint Session
Work and Welfare in Cities
RC21 (John Jorgensen, University of Copenhagen).
Email: jj@geogr.ku.dk and RC30

BUSINESS MEETING (second to last day)

Conference Deadlines for RC21 Sessions

1. Abstracts to Patrick Mullins (p.mullins@uq.edu.au) by 1 Feb 2002; these will be forwarded to the Congress Secretariat by 28 Feb.
2. Paper presenters to submit registration (form on the web) to Congress Secretariat via Australian website by Feb 28.
3. Presenter registration fees are to be paid by 30 April 2002
4. Final papers to be submitted to Congress Secretariat by 1 May 2002.