Annual RC21 Conference 2011

The struggle to belong. Dealing with diversity in 21st century urban settings
Amsterdam (The Netherlands), July 7-9 2011

Amsterdam Institute for Social Science Research – Urban Studies
University of Amsterdam – The Netherlands

18. Social Justice and the Right to the City   

Organizer: Judit Bodnar

18.1 Social Justice and the Right to the City: Experts and Citizens

Chair: Judit Bodnar. Discussant: Claire Colomb.
Federico Pérez (Harvard University)
The praxis of socio-spatial justice: Contemporary policymaking and planning in Bogotá (Colombia)

Ryan Centner (a) and Carmen Rojas (b) (a: Tufts University b: University of California, Berkeley)
Recombinant geographies of citizenship: Differentiations of the ‘right to the city’ in São Paulo, Caracas, and Buenos Aires

Catalina Ortiz (University of Illinois)           
Negotiating downtown renewal in Colombia: is the right to the city a public discourse or a grounded citizenship practice?

Jens Dangschat (Vienna University of Technology, Department of Spatial Development,Infrastructure and Environmental Planning)
Stuttgart 21 – a New Experience of Urban Negotiation

18.2 Social Justice and the Right to the City in the Interest of Urban Redevelopment

Chair: Judit Bodnar. Discussant: Ryan Centner.                       

Johannes Novy (a), Claire Colomb (b) (a: Center for Metropolitan Studies, Berlin, b: The Bartlett School of Planning, University College London)
Struggling for the right to the (creative) city in Berlin and Hamburg. New urban social movements, new ‘spaces of hope’?

Alan Morris (University of New South Wales)           
Human rights, social justice and housing: the case of Australia

Aaron Golub & Nabil Kamel (Arizona State University)           
Dissecting the Fordist and Post-Fordist City as Objects to Claim: Reflections on the “Right to the City”

Ernandy L. Vasconcelos and D. Sanchez-Aguilera (University of Barcelona)           
The right to the city: a new scenario for the housing policy in Brazil?

RT18.1: Social Justice and the Right to the City: The Costs of Urban Redevelopment

Chair: Judit Bodnar.                       

Trynos Gumbo (Stellenbosch University, Sth Africa)           
The Architecture that Works in Urban Poor Homeownership Struggles:  Lessons from Sites Without Services (SWS) in Zimbabwe.

Wing Yin Chan (Hong Kong Baptist University)
Spatiality and Injustice in Hong Kong: the Case of Deprived Cubicle Tenants in Sham Shui Po

Habib, A. Alim (Queen's University, Canada)           
“Accra: Live in, Love it”: examining the cost of city reimaging in Ghana.                       

RT18.2: Social Justice and the Right to the City: Meaning and Politics

 Chair: Judit Bodnar.                       

Jan Sládek (Charles University Prague)
Urban social movements in CEE countries – hard to find?

Adam Barnard (Nottingham Trent University)           
The Situationists and the Right to the City

Julia Edthofer (University of Vienna)
This is what Radical Democracy looks like! Reclaiming Urban Space in Vienna

Hade Türkmen (Cardiff University)
Debates on right to the city in Istanbul

Distributed papers                       

Claudio Pulgar (Universidad de Chile)           
Urban regeneration and social participation towards the right to the city: Contrast between a public program and autonomous community initiative in Santiago, Chile

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