Urban studies
Studentships, Research Grants, International Essay Competition Foundation for Urban and Regional Studies
SocioSite: Urban Sociology
Brian Rose Photography Home page
Fannie Mae Foundation (housing policy debate)
The Netherlands' Ministry of Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment
HUD: The American federal government agency on housing and Urban Development
Netherlands Architecture Institute
EnviroLink Network
OTB Research Institute for Housing, Urban and Mobility Studies
Amsterdam study centre for the Metropolitan Environment
Amsterdam Bureau for Research and Statistics
The Urban Institute
Stefan Metaal's Urban Sociology Site
Assimilating Immigrants in Amsterdam: A Perspective from New York
American website for urban planners
Planning Commissioners Journal: City & Regional Planning Resources
Sprawwl Busters: Home town America fights back
Downtown Revitalization Main Page
Yahoo! Directory: Social Science > Urban Studies
City-Region Study

Urban Forums and Research Associations
Cyburbia Forums
Google Urban Forum
Réseau Thématique Recherche « Sociologie de l’urbain et des territoires » (RTF 9)
Programme villes et territoires di Sciences Po (Cities are back in town)
Urba-Rom On-line Resources Center and Repository
Digital Library Of The Commons Repository
Sociologia dell'ambiente e del territorio dell'AIS

Globalization and Community Series
Public Worlds Series
Journal of World-System Research
International Monetary Fund
World Bank
Economic Planning Agency – Japan
MIT Economic World Laboratory
MIT Economic World Laboratory – Columns
Paul Krugman (articles and essays)
Le Monde Diplomatique
Le Monde Diplomatique (Italian)
Financial Times
Asiatic crisis
Italian and international financial web-sites

Centre for Multiethnic Research, Uppsala Univ.
The multiethnic city- Minorities in Italy (in Italian)
The Center for Migration, Ethnicity and Citizenship
Observatory on immigration (in italian)
Megacities 2000 foundation
Centre for European Migration and Ethnic Studies
Ercomer Network
Metropolis Project  

Economic Sociology
Economic Sociology Links

Social Exclusion, minimum income support and Workfare in Europe
A workshop within the ESA 2001 conference Visions and Divisions in Europe

The Michigan Program on Poverty Links
Comparative Research on Poverty
Green book USA
Institute for Research on Poverty
Poverty Links

Statistics on the WEB

MISSOC Mutual Information System on Social Protection in the Member States of the European Union
European Network "Family and Work"
European Employment Observatory
European Foundation for the improvement of living and working conditions
European Commission - DG V: Employment, Industrial Relations and Social Affairs
European Commission - DG XXII: Education, Training and Youth
CORDIS Community Research and Development Information Service

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