Resourceful cities
Berlin (Germany), 29-31 August 2013
Humboldt-University Berlin, Institute for Social Science, Dept. for Urban and Regional Sociology

06. Culture “or/and” poverty. New discourses of socio-spatial inequalities in European cities?

Organizer: Penny Koutrolikou, Sonia Arbaci (National Technical University of Athens)

Session 06.1 Culture “or/and” poverty. New discourses of socio-spatial inequalities in European cities?

Paul Watt (Birkbeck, University of London)
Official and Critical Urbanist Discourses on Regeneration and Social Housing Estates

Martijn Koster (Utrecht University)
New discourses on class, culture and citizenship: gentrification of a Dutch social housing estate and the production of socio-spatial inequalities

Ebru Soytemel (The University of Oxford)
With little help from my neighbours: Women’s solidarity networks and   socio-spatial inequalities in Istanbul

Simone Scarpa (Linnaeus University)
Urban Marginality in Times of Economic Crisis and Welfare State Austerity: A Comparative Analysis between Malmö and Genoa.

RT 06.1 Debating inequalities in European cities: a roundtable

Jens S. Dangschat (Vienna University of Technology)
Bringing Place in Bourdieu’s Theories

Costanzo Ranci, Roberta Cucca (Polytechnic of Milan)
Economic development and social integration in Europe. Urban policies in comparative perspective

E.Zeynep Güler (a), Zeynep Beşpınar Karaoğlu (b) (a: Istanbul University, b: Marmara University)
Urban renewal in working class areas in Istanbul: De-industrialization and urban renewal in Beykoz-Paşabahçe, Istanbul

Amílcar Anselmo-Pinheiro (a), Carreiras Marina Gaboleiro (b), Ferreira Bárbara Marques (c), Malheiros Jorge Macaísta (d) & Raposo Rita (e) (a,b,c,d,e: University of Lisbon)
Concentration vs Residential Mix in Lisbon: Social interactions in question

Martin Lundsteen (University of Barcelona)
Politics of Culture in Spaces of Deprivation – The Case of Salt in Catalonia

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