Resourceful cities
Berlin (Germany), 29-31 August 2013
Humboldt-University Berlin, Institute for Social Science, Dept. for Urban and Regional Sociology

13. Living with gentrification

Organizer: Ebru Soytemel (a), Besime Sen (b) (a: University of Oxford, b: Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University)

Session 13.1 Living with gentrification I

Brian Doucet (Utrecht University)
Gentrification and those ‘in between:’ perceptions, meanings and interactions among those who are neither the gentrifiers, nor the displaced

Chao Zhang (University of Tongji)
The past has passed? – Social relations in a gentrifying neighbourhood in Shanghai

Miquel Fernández (University of Barcelona)
New neighbors, old problems. Old neighbors new problems. The case of Barcelona's Chinatown urban regeneration

Leanne C. Serbulo (Portland State University)
“It’s not about the community; it’s about our community.” Gentrification, schooling and the ongoing legacy of disinvestment in inner N.E. Portland

Peter Marcuse (Professor Emeritus of Urban Planning School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation Columbia University)
To Control Gentrification

Session 13.2 Living with gentrification II

Andrew Wallace (University of Lincoln)
A phantom menace? Living with the inevitability of gentrification in Salford, UK

Georgia Alexandri (Harokopio University, Athens)
Living in fear and isolation; gentrification dynamics in a city of crisis in the neighbourhood of hype

Dwiparna Chatterjee (Indian Institute of Technology Bombay)
Gentrification in the mill land areas of Mumbai city: A case study

Kirsteen Paton (University of Leeds)
Hidden injuries and hidden rewards? Gentrification: a working class perspective

Session 13.3 Living with gentrification III

Gábor Csanádi (a), Adrienne Csizmady (b) (a: ELTE University, Budapest, b: Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest)
Success and Failure: Living in the gentrified area in Budapest

Karin Schuitema (Netherlands Institute in Turkey, Istanbul)
My memories, your memories? Gentrification, identity and heritage in the Tophane neighbourhood in Istanbul

Steve Lang (a), Julia Rothenberg (b) (a: CUNY College at LaGuardia, b: Queensborough Community College, CUNY)
The View From Above: Inclusion, Exclusion and Aesthetic Experience in the Luxury City

Mark-Anthony Falzon (University of Malta)
So close, and yet so far: Divergent experiences of gentrification in two neighbouring fortified cities in Malta


Manuela Freiheit, Kristina Seidelsohn (University of Bielefeld)
Group‐focused Enmity in the Locality: Perspectives on Conflicts in a Changing Neighborhood

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