Resourceful cities
Berlin (Germany), 29-31 August 2013
Humboldt-University Berlin, Institute for Social Science, Dept. for Urban and Regional Sociology

23. Exploring urban wastelands

Organizer: Hillary Angelo (New York University)

Session 23.1 Exploring urban wastelands

Matthew Gandy (University College London)
Transect: art, science, and urban interstices

Jens Lachmund (Maastricht University)
The Invention of the Ruderal Biotope. Ecological Knowledge and the Struggle for Wasteland Protection in former West-Berlin

Jennifer Foster (York University)
Aesthetic justice and marginal urban ecologies


Inês Moreira (Faculdade de Arquitectura da Universidade Técnica de Lisboa)
Metropolitan spatial dynamics: anchorage, densification and removal

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