Resourceful cities
Berlin (Germany), 29-31 August 2013
Humboldt-University Berlin, Institute for Social Science, Dept. for Urban and Regional Sociology

29. Participation between Consensus and Contestation

Organizer: Jan Dohnke (a), Corinna Hölzl (b), Maros Krivy (c) (a: Free University Berlin, b: Humboldt University Berlin, c: Estonian Academy of Arts)

Session 29.1 Participation between Consensus and Contestation I

Marit Rosol (Goethe University Frankfurt)
Post-democracy, participation and the question of resistance – On conduct and counter-conduct in Vancouver, Canada

Davide Caselli (a), Elena Maranghi (b) (a: Turin University b: University of Rome La Sapienza)
Neoliberalism and governmentality in participative urban policies: local development agencies in three Italian cities

Marcos Feldman, Alex Stepick (Florida International University)
Resident Participation in the Gentrification of Wynwood, Miami's Puerto Rican Barrio - Figure 1 - Figure 2 - Figure 3

Session 29.2 Participation between Consensus and Contestation II

Rachele Bendetti, Matteo Villa (University of Pisa)
The Participative Turn at Local Level in Time of Crisis: Processes, Conflicts and Paradoxical Effects

Andrew Wallace (a), Paul Watt (b) (a: University of Lincoln, b: University of London)
Neighbourhood Planning in London: participating, imagining and contesting urban change

Hebe Verrest (University of Amsterdam)
Participation in urban planning through invited and claimed spaces: the case of Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago

RT 29.1 Participation between Consensus and Contestation

Catarina Gomes de Matos (a), Helena Cruz-Gallach (b) (a: Freiburg University, b: Autonomus University of Barcelona)
Urban development between participation and protest in Barcelona

Maja Grabkowska (University of Gdansk)
Participation is great, but what does it mean? Clashing discourses of local actors in Polish cities introducing participatory budgeting

Iacopo Zetti (Florence University)
Participation and territorial planning. Some reflection on five years of an institutional experiment in Tuscany

Lisa Bornstein, Raphael Fischler (McGill University)
Community plans, ad hoc negotiations and megaproject development in Montreal

Nilton Ricoy Torres (University of Sao Paulo)
Urban Governmentality and Public Participation: Autonomy or Legitimation? The case of public planning in Sao Paulo

Adriana M. Soaita (University of St Andrews)
On the Nature of Social Capital under Post-Communist Transition: Evidence from Romania

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