RC21 Conference 2016: Thank you, Mexico City!

The RC21 Conference in Mexico City was a success, with 26 streams and 200 presentations, participants discussed what is the “transgressive city” and its consequences for governance.

RC21 Board: Public Statement on the political events in Turkey

Public statement The board of the Research Committee 21 of the International Sociological Association makes public its rejection of the recent political events in Turkey. While we reject the failed coup d’état of the night of July 15th, we express our serious concerns about several authoritarian measures established by the government over the past months and reinforced since the failed coup, especially the state of emergency, the large scale arrests of individuals with no connections with the coup and the possible suspension of human rights conventions. The restriction of civil rights, including the right to express divergent opinions, to organization, to mobility and to mobilization, as well as the arrests of press members, academics and members of civil society organizations must be denounced and rejected as a clear attack on the same democratic values violated by the failed events of July 15th. In this sense, our solidarity goes with this statement to the Turkish people and to its academic community, especially attacked in its autonomy, independence and even its basic civil rights. Moreover, although the Turkish situation is the ground for our immediate concerns, we would like to state publicly our rejection to the recent wave of shrinkage of democratic spaces and of assaults on social, political and civil rights of citizens, minority groups, migrants and democratic institutions in several countries of the world. As an academic and professional association, we cannot remain silent about these developments. Tolerance, freedom of speech, disagreement, mobilization and academic freedom, as well as the respect to democratic rules and electoral results, are basic components for the construction of better, less unequal and more...

RC21 Conference 2016: Call for Proposals

The deadline for abstract submission is 5 February 2016. Authors of accepted abstracts should send an extended abstract (500-700 words) of their paper by July 1st, 2016 to

Conference 2016: Call for Stream Proposals

The Conference theme in 2016 is: “The transgressive city: Comparative perspectives on governance and the possibilities of everyday life in the emerging global city”. Conference dates: July 21-23, 2016. Please send your stream proposals before November 30, 2015