Call for papers: RC21 Conference in Antwerp

Call for papers: RC21 Conference in Antwerp

The call for papers for the RC21 2021 conference in Antwerp, which will take place between July 14-16, is now reopened. All new participants or participants whose abstract was rejected in April 2020 can submit an abstract (or submit a revised abstract). Participants whose abstract was accepted in April 2020 and who reconfirmed their attendance in the past months are still in the program and do not need to submit an abstract.

You can find all the calls for papers for the sessions that have been reopened here. Please note that some sessions do not accept new abstract submissions and are marked as ‘closed’. The deadline for abstracts is 4 December 2020.

All abstracts for papers need to be submitted through the online abstract submission module on the RC21 Antwerp conference website. Abstracts that are not submitted through our website cannot be considered. Each participant can only present one paper at the conference.

The selection of the abstracts will be done by the session organisers. They will contact you from 20 January 2021 onwards to let you know whether your abstract has been selected or not. Please contact the session organisers directly with queries about the selection of abstracts and other session-related issues.

Given the uncertainties surrounding the ongoing pandemic, at this moment we do not know whether the RC21 conference will be organized in a fully virtual or a hybrid form (partially virtual, partially on-site in Antwerp). In any case, the conference will take place on the announced dates and we will provide the opportunity to participate virtually to participants who are unable to travel to Antwerp. An updated timeline for the preparations of the conference can be found here.
Kind regards,
The local organisation committee