IJURR. Vol. 48(1). January 2024

IJURR. Vol. 48(1). January 2024


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THE MULTIPLE ENACTMENTS OF CONTAMINATION: Rethinking the Remediation and Redevelopment of Military-Industrial Brownfields in the Tel Aviv Region

Uri Ansenberg Nathan Marom

HOUSING BEYOND THE METROPOLIS: Inhabiting Extractivism and Extensions in Urban Amazonia

Rodrigo Castriota

THE (CULTURAL) WAR OF THE WORLDS: Framing Urban Redevelopment as ‘Terraforming’

Jennifer L. Garfield-Abrams Thomas Corcoran Jonathan R. Wynn

‘BEST FOR FOODIES’: Food, Digital Media and Planetary Gentrification

Pascale Joassart-Marcelli Fernando J. Bosco

UNHOMING, TRAUMA AND WAITING: The Post-Grenfell Building Safety Crisis in England

Jenny Preece John Flint

BODIES AGAINST MODERNITY: Politics of Slum Rehabilitations in India

Harshavardhan Jatkar

BOATS AS HOUSING IN OXFORD, UK: Trajectories of Informality in a High-Income Context

Jakub Galuszka

INHABITING LIMINALITY: The Temporal, Spatial and Experiential Assemblage of Emancipatory Practices in the Lives of Housing Squatters in Rome, Italy

Chiara Cacciotti


URBAN ECOLOGICAL FUTURES: Five Eco-Community Strategies for more Sustainable and Equitable Cities

Jenny Pickerill Tendai Chitewere Natasha Cornea Joshua Lockyer Rachel Macrorie Jan Malý Blažek Anitra Nelson