ISA 2023 Call for abstracts

ISA 2023 Call for abstracts

ISA 2023 Call for abstracts open until 30 September 2022.

The XX ISA World Congress of Sociology will take place in Melbourne in 2023 (25 June-1 July).

The Congress will address Resurgent Authoritarianism: The Sociology of New Entanglements of Religions, Politics, and Economies

RC21 Conceptual Focus

The rise of authoritarianism and current social tensions have put cities and urban spaces in the focus of the attention of common citizens as well as government, civil society and academia. Cities are contested spaces that create conflicts and tensions but also spaces of opportunities for developing new social movements and solidarities, and for strengthening social capital and community support. The current knowledge on political, economic, and environmental phenomena around the globe are providing evidence on this. Resistance is taking place in both overt and hidden ways and practices of solidarity are also visible and invisible. New ways of knowledge sharing and knowledge co-production are emerging, challenging hard and soft forms of authoritarianism. While state, belief systems and religion frame political positioning and even war, practices of urban citizenship and patterns of urban solidarities develop in everyday landscapes of care. The secular trope of modernity fails to grasp the emergence of such movements of care, as they escape modernist rational choice or individualistic neoliberal models.
RC21 sessions will aim to focus on examining the role of cities and urban spaces in these current situations, analysing forms of citizenship emerging from these conflicts and disasters, the types of knowledges that are developed and put in practice and by whom, in many cases challenging established colonial assumptions and the types of practices and responses from groups and communities.

The Congress will take place in a hybrid format. While we strongly advise and encourage everyone to come to Melbourne and enjoy in-person participation in the Congress, on-line presentations will also be possible. Oral sessions will be a mix of in-person and virtual presenters, based on the presenters preference.
There are 17 panels for RC21. The list is available here.

The deadline for the call for abstracts is 30 September 2022.

We look forward to your participation in ISA2023.