RC21 2022 in Athens: Call for Sessions

RC21 2022 in Athens: Call for Sessions

We are launching the call for sessions for our next conference in Athens, Ordinary cities in exceptional times (24-26 August, 2022)You will find detailed information of the Call in the conference website and is also reproduced belowWe invite you to send your proposals for an exciting conference next year.

We invite proposals for sessions that focus on the themes outlined in the Concept Note. We encourage submissions for sessions that will cover a 90-minute slot, which may exceptionally develop into stream of more than one panel if one or more convener(s) organize two or three sessions under a single theme. Brief descriptions of the session formats are provided below.

The following must be included in any type of submission.

  • A title with a clear indication of the type of format – Panel, Roundtable, Book Discussion
  • A 300-word description of the topic of your submission, stating its research problematic, including a description of the format(s). The content should reflect links to the conference themes.
  • Full Contact details of the convener(s) – name, address, affiliation, email id, postal address and phone number.



Sessions may take any one of the following forms, and streams may include different kinds of sessions under a chosen theme. These might include:

1. Panels: A maximum of 4 papers in a 90 session, in which presentations by authors last for 10‐15 minutes, followed by discussion. Papers are distributed by the panel conveners directly to other presenters. In case of a high number of papers eventually submitted to a specific panel, more than one session may be allocated to a panel.

2. Roundtables: Discussions where sets of four or five speakers are invited to discuss for 5‐10 minutes, on a theme proposed by the conveners. The discussion after the first round involves invited speakers and other attending participants.

3. Book Discussions: A limited number of sessions will be of this type. The Conveners here will be responsible for inviting authors and a set of participants who will discuss a book or a set of books on a given theme.



  • All Submissions will have to be submitted by one or two Conveners. The Convenors are responsible for the  selection of paper abstracts. Please note that this selection will have to be done during the time period –January 31, 2022 to February 20, 2022.
  • Conveners together with local organizers supervise the deadlines for full paper submission.
  • Conveners may chair or select chairs for their respective session(s) from the panel participants.



  • All panel sessions and roundtables have to be organized as open sessions. No session shall be limited to members of an existing project network.



Please submit your proposals by October 31, 2021 to the conference website www.rc21athens2022.com

Click here to have a direct access to the call for sessions page and the submission platform.

Email for queries:  info@RC21athens2022.com