Urban Fieldworks. Research experiences on urban institutions and processes

Convenor: Enzo Mingione (University of Milan-Bicocca, IT); Yuri Kazepov (University of Vienna, AT), Eduardo Barberis (University of Urbino, IT).

Contact: yuri.kazepov@univie.ac.at

This sessions aims to provide an arena for discussing the research activities of participants to the 4th RC21-IJURR-FURS Summer School in Comparative Urban Studies.

Hideaki Sasajima
Cultural Aspects of Artist-led Gentrification in SoHo. Between the 1950s and 1970s: A Field Analysis of the Agglomeration Processes of Art Venues

Yingchan Zhang
Tapping the Flow: The Global Circulation of Talent and Urban Development in China

Stefania Animento
Moving Forward, Heading North: Post-Crisis Migration of Young South Europeans to Berlin

Clemens de Olde
Moving forward Comparative Planning Studies: Beyond Planning Cultures and Institutionalism

Clément Boisseuil
Comparing integrated urban regeneration in France and in the United States


Enzo Mingione, Alan Scott