‘Comparative Urban Studies’ School

Amsterdam School for Social Science Research
University of Amsterdam (Netherlands)
1-12 July 2011

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Accommodation information

You are divided over three different locations.

1) Hoogte Kadijk
2) Stavangerweg
3) Gevleweg

Stavangerweg and Gevleweg are right next to each other. The Hoogte Kadijk is in another part of town. Below you can find information about all three properties.

Keys (all locations)
You will receive the keys on July 1st at the summer school opening lecture. Should you arrive earlier in the day and want to stow your luggage somewhere, the most convenient location is a locker at central station as you will return there to take public transport to your various accommodations.

For the people staying on the Stavangerweg: when you leave, please put the room keys in the letterbox of the caretaker’s office at Stavangerweg 361.

For the Gevleweg/Hoogte Kadijk: When you leave, you are requested to leave the keys on your room tables and close the door carefully behind you.

Hoogte Kadijk

Property information
Location on the map

How to get there:

From Central Station: take bus number 43 in the direction of ‘Borneo Eiland’. Get off at the stop called ‘Wittenburgergracht’. You are on a street with a canal right next to you. In the direction you came from you see a small white bridge over the canal. Cross that bridge and take the small alleyway called ‘Overhaalsgang’. At the end of the alley you will find yourself on the Hoogte Kadijk. Number 173 should be just on your right.


Location on the map
Property information

How to get there

From Central Station: take bus number 22 (Spaarndammerbuurt) or number 48 (Station Sloterdijk). These buses leave across the street from the Victoria Hotel, right next to the Holland International canal boat office. Get off the bus at the stop called ‘Spaarndammerstraat’. The housing complex is across the street from here.


Location on the map
Property information

How to get there: see directions for Stavangerweg

Inventory of the rooms

The inventory in the rooms varies slightly depending on what building or what kind of room you’re in. However, the following items are always included in the inventory:

  • bed including mattress + bedding
  • table and / or desk and chair
  • wardrobe or clothes horse
  • bookcase or bookshelves
  • curtains or venetian blinds
  • ceiling lamp, table lamp and bedside lamp

Not provided are:

  • Towels
  • Stereo equipment /television sets
  • Standard kitchen equipment (pots, pans, cutlery, etc.). There is however usually some available.




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