Resourceful cities
Berlin (Germany), 29-31 August 2013
Humboldt-University Berlin, Institute for Social Science, Dept. for Urban and Regional Sociology

08. Gentrification revisited: New methods to research displacement

Organizer: Justin Kadi (a), Roman Seidl (b) (a: University of Amsterdam, b: Vienna University of Technology)

Session 08.1 Gentrification revisited: New methods to research displacement

Kirsteen Paton (University of Leeds)
Exploring the effects of state-led gentrification: Giving displacement tenure in research

Gavin Mclaughlin (King's College London)
State-led gentrification and displacement in C21st London: collating the evidence from the Aylesbury Estate

Wouter van Gent, Marien van Grondelle, Willem Boterman (Universiteit van Amsterdam)
Mapping displacement from gentrification in Amsterdam

Miriam Stock (Europe University Frankfurt Oder)
Taste as a ‘tool of power’ Mapping every day distinction processes and social exclusion in early commercial gentrification The case of the middle class falafel versus working class Döner Kebap in Berlin

RT 08.1 Gentrification revisited: New methods to research displacement

Amy Twigge-Molecey (INRS – Urbanisation, culture société)
Exploring Resident Experiences of Displacement in a Neighbourhood Undergoing Gentrification and Megaproject Development: A Montréal Case Study

Bahar Sakizlioglu (Utrecht University)
Inserting Temporality into the Analysis of Displacement: Lived Experiences of Displacement Pressure in Amsterdam and Istanbul

Shu-Mei Huang (University of Washington)
Displacement as class processes and spatial relations in moments of expatriation

Ernesto Lopez Morales (Universidad de Chile)
Measuring the invisible: The dispossession of the rent gap as a form of displacement

Jana Verstraete, Maarten Loopmans (KU Leuven)
Measuring displacement-induced effects through longitudinal administrative datasets

Mara Verlic (Vienna University of Technology)
Discursively displacing displacement The case of gentrification in Vienna


Carla Huisman (Amsterdam,)
Resourceful Researchers: Tackling the Elusive Problem of Displacement By Going Further Upstream

Revel Sims (UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs)
Eviction as a Mode of Gentrification-induced Displacement in Los Angeles 1994-1999?

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