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Venue: Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Institut für Sozialwissenschaften - Universitätsstraße 3b - Room 202 [on google maps]

Date Morning
(9 am – 1 pm)
Early afternoon
(2 pm – 4 pm)
Late afternoon
(4 pm – 6 pm or
5 pm – 6:30 pm)
Saturday 17 August Arrival Welcome
Introducing Berlin: Berlin's ambiguity in the world economic crisis– Ares Kalandides (InPolis, Berlin)
Social event
Sunday 18 August Presentations on Berlin by a panel of local PhD students
Henrik Schultze
Julia Nast
(Neighbourhood effects and education…)
Lisa Vollmer (Social movements and Housing)
Nihad El_kayed (political participation and neighbourhood effects)
Christine Barwick
(Housing and migrants)
Berlin tour 1
(2:00pm 6:00pm)
Monday 19 August Student presentations on their own research and their urban research sites
Tuesday 20 August

Session 1: Mixed methods in the study of shrinking and growing cities
Matthias Bernt
Jeremy Seekings

Group study Discussion
Wednesday 21 August Session 2:
Governance, urban policy and discourse analysis
Claire Colomb
Henrik Lebuhn
Group study Discussion
Thursday 22 August Free morning Berlin tour 2
(1:00pm 4:30pm)
Round table on Urban Activism with: Margit Mayer, Henrik Lebuhn, Kanishka Goonewardena
Friday 23 August Session 3: Expressing inequalities, changing the urban form
(qualitative interviews/urban ethnography)
Talja Blokland
Birgit zu Nieden
Group study Free
Saturday 24 August Visual Ethnographies
Christine Hentschel
Claire Colomb
Group exercises (visual ethnography)?
Sunday 25 August Free day
Monday 26 August Session 4: Mixed methods
Tim Butler
Yuri Kazepov
Group study Discussion
Tuesday 27 August Session 5: Capital forms and their spatial expressions
(social networks)
Eduardo Marques
Talja Blokland
Group study Discussion
Wednesday 28 August Session 6: Theory and Method
(Theorizing and mapping)
Neil Brenner
Andrej Holm
Group study Discussion
Thursday 29 August Free RC21 conference:
opening plenary
RC21 conference reception
Friday 30 August RC21 conference RC21 conference RC21 conference
Saturday 31 August RC21 conference RC21 Berlin tours Free
Sunday 1 September Session 7: Resilient cities
(methods for comparing north/south urban ethnographies)
Suzanne M. Hall
Christine Hentschel
Group study Presentations of group exercises
Monday 2 September Publishing
(with exercises)
Mike Raco
(with exercises)
Yuri Kazepov
Closing dinner
Tuesday 3 September Departure