Resourceful cities
Berlin (Germany), 29-31 August 2013
Humboldt-University Berlin, Institute for Social Science, Dept. for Urban and Regional Sociology

04. Boundaries and (B)orders – Theorizing the City through its Confinements and Connections

Organizer: Johanna Hoerning (a), Marit Rosol (b), Daniela Vicherat Mattar (c) (a: TU Berlin, b: Goethe-University Frankfurt, c: Leiden University College)

Session 04.1 (Enacting) Boundaries within Urban Societies

Luca Pattaroni, Hossam Adly (Laboratory of Urban Sociology, EPFL, Switzerland)
Boundaries and urban worlds The contested ethnoscape of UN expatriates in Geneva

Moira Bernardoni (Middle East Technical University Ankara, Turkey)
Walls and Graffiti: The Strategic Value of Urban Space

Gabriel Feltran (Centre for Metropolitan Studies São Paulo; Federal University of São Carlos, São Paulo)
About “Marginal People”, Relations and Borders in Urban Brazil

Reza Arjmand, Masoumeh Mirsafa (Lund University)
Women in Public Space. A Comparative Study of Women in Women-Only Parks and Gender-Mixed Parks in Iran

Laurence Leduc-Primeau (INRS Urbanisation Culture Société)
Urban form and territorial bonding: delimitating home ground

Session 04.2 (Producing) (B)Orders within the City

Ana Aceska (Humboldt-University Berlin)
“We” and “They” on the Promenade: Borders and Boundaries in a Divided City

Henriette Bertram (University Kassel)
Boundaries and Borders in the Postconflict City: Belfast after the Good Friday Agreement

Benjamin Scheerbarth (Harvard University)
Ber/lin & Bei/rut

Marta Martins (Oporto Faulty of Architecture / Lisbon University Institute)
On Closed Residencial Condominiums and the (B)ordering Experience

Thiago Allis (Federal University of São Carlos)
Large urban projects and tourism: identifying and assessing the boundaries of urban tourism in São Paulo (Brazil)

RT 04.1 Boundaries and (B)orders – Theorizing the City through its Confinements and Connections

Katharina Sucker (Istanbul)
antagonism and space. theorizing the boundary

Tarmo Pikner (Tallinn University)
Wilderness in urban landscape: sensibilities and borders related to Tallinn’s seashore 

Anna Kokalanova (HafenCity University)
Dealing with Urban Borders The Example of the Border between the “Fakulteta” Segregated Ethnic Roma Settlement and the Rest of Sofia

Ryan Centner (Tufts University)
Producing spatialized logics of practice: Toward an ethnography of edges

Steven Hirschler (University of York, UK)
Beyond the camp: the biopolitics of asylum seeker housing under the UK Border Agency’s COMPASS project

Cristiana Strava (University of London)
Bordering the city: Imagining neighbourliness from the margins in Casablanca


Monika Kurath, Lee Ann Nicol (ETH Zurich)
Boundaries and (B)orders in Industrial Area Conversion: Re-Assembling Urban Space in Vancouver and Zurich

Emily Gunzburger Makaš (The University of North Carolina at Charlotte)
Negotiating Postwar Administrative and Ethnic Borders in Sarajevo and Mostar

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