Multiculture, place and the everyday / Stream E – Contested cities

Organizer: Emma Jackson (Goldsmiths University of London, UK); Anamik Saha (Goldsmiths University of London, UK)


Within urban scholarship, the study of ‘social mix’ has often centred on the spheres of housing and neighbourhood, mostly highlighting segregation and the lack of mixing. For example, Butler and Robson (2001) have argued that mixed neighbourhoods are often characterised by ‘social tectonics’ where different classed and ethnic groups slide past each other. Meanwhile, an emerging field problematises a focus on the residential to look at encounters with difference in public and semi-public spaces that can act as ‘zones of encounter’ (Amin, 2002; Neal et al, 2013; Wessendorf, 2013; Watson, 2009; Wise, 2010). In addition, another body of work has focused particularly on young people and ‘new ethnicities’ pointing to more hybrid and emerging forms of conviviality in urban settings (Gilroy, 2004; Back, 1996; Hall, 1996; Nayak, 2004).

This stream seeks to bridge these three areas of research through an examination of places of everyday multiculture. Asking: what kinds of interactions, tensions, strategies of avoidance, and of negotiation do semi/public spaces engender? And what kinds of new ethnicities and forms of conviviality, as well as forms of racism or xenophobia manifest within them? Are the ‘social tectonics’ of neighbourhood unsettled or reproduced in such spaces? How are race, ethnicity and class articulated through/against each other in these contexts? How do flows of capital disrupt, or constitute spaces of everyday multiculture?


E9.1: Multiculture, Place and the Everyday: Ambivalence of conviviality

Chair: Emma Jackson (Goldsmiths College University of London)

Linda Lapina
Cultivating integration. Migrant practices of multidirectional space-making in Integration gardens

Klara Fiedlerová; Luděk Sýkora
Everyday conviviality in emerging multicultural neighbourhood; insights from a post-socialist city

Helena Holgersson
Integrating existing socially mixed spaces in social mix visions: The case of Kviberg’s Market, Gothenburg

Sivamohan Valluvan
Against integration: cohabitation in Stockholm and London as read through an ideal of convivial multiculture

Urszula Woźniak
“Diverse” neighborhoods as sites of encounter?: Revisiting methodologies in Conviviality Studies

Distributed papers

Hanna Louis Jensen
The making of multiple mobile places in everyday train commuting’

Sebastian Juhnke
The allure of diversity, creativity and place: gentrification and multiculture in London and Berlin

Michele Semprebon and Roberta Marzorati
Building conviviality in the block and beyond: zones of encounter and the role of young families in a mixed planned community in Milan

E9.2: Multiculture, Place and the Everyday: ‘Race’ and everyday encounters

Chair: Emma Jackson (Goldsmiths University of London)


Malcolm James
Post-codes, policing and neo-communitarianism: territorial dialogues and urban multiculture

Robert O’Keefe
Negotiating Space: Nigerian taxi drivers in Dublin

Jacob Boersema
Everyday racial interactions in the bars, parks, and sidewalks of Harlem

Sophie Hadfield-Hill and Cristiana Zara
Making and re-making space: Everyday sites of multiculture and regeneration?

Selvaraj Velayutham
Inhabiting Diversity: Everyday Interaction and the Multicultural Workplace

Distributed papers

Michelle Duffy and Judith Nair
Festivals as sites of negotiating everyday multiculturalism

Nihad El-Kayed
Multicultural Encounters in Everyday Urban Institutions

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