RC21 Pioneers’ memory

Preserving the collective memory of our origins is a fundamental undertaking that we deem essential. One method to achieve this goal is through conducting interviews with the founders who laid the groundwork for our organization. Our objective is to  reconstruct the cultural nuances, political challenges, and interpersonal connections that contributed to the birth and establishment of RC21 with its prominent role in urban studies. By engaging in conversations with the visionary pioneers of RC21, we want to unravel the cultural climate of that period, the prevailing political issues, the relation of urban sociology with other disciplines and the network of relationships that culminated in the formation of RC21. Furthermore, our aim extends to comprehending the significance of diverse urban and regional perspectives in different countries, elucidating the pathways through which ideas disseminated, comparison emerged, and discerning the collaborative genesis of shared projects. In essence, we want to decipher the dynamic aspects inherent in the urban and regional facets of RC21, unveiling the pulsating vibrancy that characterized its formation across various countries and continents. This is the beginning of a project that we believe important to our community and future generations of urban scholars.

Interview with Martha Schteingart, conducted and transcribed by Julie-Anne Boudreau on April 26, 2023. (Spanish version.)

Interview with Enzo Mingione, conduted and transcribed by Alberta Andreotti on April 22, 2024.