Virtual Doctorate School 2022






What: A small group of students who will present their work, read each other’s work, and provide feedback to their peers, coordinated and led by one faculty member serving as an academic advisor.
Who: PhD students in urban related disciplines who are actively working on their thesis/dissertation. The School is not suitable for students who are at the early portion of their PhD studies, as it focuses on discussing, reviewing, and refining existing work for scholarly presentation and publication.
When: One 2-3 hour meeting on April 7/8, May 12/13, and June 9/10. A workshop on how to publish papers in urban studies will follow these sessions.
Why: To bring together students from as many regions of the world as possible to discuss their work (in English) with each other coordinated by an established scholar.
Where: On Zoom

2022 Distinguished Faculty

AbduMaliq Simone   |   University of Sheffield

Diane Davis   |   Harvard University

Enzo Mingione   |   University of Milano-Bicocca

Hyun Bang Shin   |   London School of Economics

Jeremy Seekings   |   University of Cape Town

Marisol Garcia   |   University of Barcelona (UB)

Rivke Jaffe   |   University of Amsterdam

Roger Keil   |   York University

Sara Gonzalez   |    University of Leeds

Sujata Patel   |  Umea University

Susan Fainstein   |    Harvard University

Yuri Kazepov   |   University of Vienna

Zhigang Li   |     Wuhan University


2022 Students

Aireen Grace Andal   |   Macquarie University, Australia

Balbir Aulakh   |   Tata Institute of Social Sciences, India

Raina Ghosh   |   Jawaharlal Nehru University, India

Ishan Shahi   |   IIT-Bombay, India

Shaylan Oudeh   |   Istanbul Technical University, Turkey

Dina Adjei-Boadi   |   Imperial College London, United Kingdom

Victoria Wilson   |   African College for Sustainable Cities, South Africa

Joyce Angnayeli Eledi Kuusaana   |   Utrecht University, Netherlands; TU Darmstadt, Germany

Bamiji Adeleye   |   Federal University of Technology, Nigeria

Cansu Sonmez   |   Gran Sasso Science Institute, Italy

Fatoumata Diallo   |   Sciences Po, France

Brian O’Neill   |   University of Illinois, United States

Anisa Bhutia   |   Tata Institute of Social Sciences, India

Francisco Fernández Romero   |   University of Buenos Aires, Argentina

Ana Clara Chequetti da Rocha Duarte    |   CAPES/IESP-UERJ, Brazil

Jhono Bennett   |   UCL, United Kingdom

Kallia Fysaraki   |   National Technical University of Athens, Greece

Shweta Rani   |   Delhi School of Economics, India

Ceylin Idel   |   University of Amsterdam, Netherlands

Albeniz Tuğçe Ezme Gürlek   |   Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, Turkey

Silvia Danielak   |   Massachusetts Institute of Technology, United States

Kyle Galindez   |   University of California-Santa Cruz, United States

Emmanuel Awohouedji   |   London School of Economics and Political Science, United Kingdom

Yinglei Chen   |   University of Oxford, United Kingdom

Meryem Belkadi   |   University of British Columbia, Canada

Mirtha Lorena del Castillo   |   University of Amsterdam, Netherlands

Katrin Hofer   |   ETH Zurich, Switzerland

Gianna Luisa Gehriger   |   University of Zurich, Switzerland

Haoyu Zhao   |   Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Marcela Alonso   |   Sciences Po, France

Yoonai Han   |   London School of Economics and Political Science, United Kingdom

Purva Dewoolkar   |   University of Manchester, United Kingdom

Vivek Mishra   |   Northeastern University, United States

Simbarashe Mazongonda   |   University of Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe

Pearl Wematu Puwurayire   |   Brandenburg University of Technology, Germany

El No   |   University of Cambridge, United Kingdom


Program Description

The Virtual Doctorate School is aimed at PhD students who are actively working on their thesis/dissertation on a topic that contributes to conceptual and theoretical debates in urban sociology or urban studies more broadly. A key objective in the selection process and the creation of the smaller cohorts is to have significant representation from each continent. The school provides PhD students with an opportunity to learn from each other as they share their work in a small group overseen by an established scholar from an urban studies related discipline. The goal is to offer PhD students an engaging environment to present their work and to engage with other scholars and established faculty in the field of urban sociology and related disciplines.

2022 Doctorate School Coordinator

The coordinator of the Virtual Doctorate School 2022 is RC21 board member Dr. John Joe (John or J.J.) Schlichtman. The school can be reached at


There are no fees for the Doctorate School.

Application procedure

The application for 2022 is currently closed.